Urban Wildlife

Every day people and wild animals are forced into closer and closer contact.  A farm is turned into a housing development.  A few acres of woods becomes an industrial park.  Wildlife habitat gives way to urban sprawl.

But to our surprise, many of the former residents don't run away.  They adapt with great resourcefulness to their new circumstances.  The result is a rising number of conflicts between people and wildlife, particularly during the spring and summer birthing season when wild animals take advantage of any cavity and food source that helps them raise their young.

Humane Solutions to Wildlife Conflicts...

Whether you've found a bird with a broken wing, an orphaned baby squirrel, or have a wild animal taking up residence in your attic, we can help.  Click on the links below for help with your situation.
  • Click here if you have found an orphaned animal.   Here you will find information to help you determine whether or not the animal you have found is really an orphan, and a listing of wildlife rehabilitators in your area if the animal is indeed in need of assitance.
  • Click here if you have found an injured animal.  Here you will find information on how to contain an injured wild animal, if it is safe to do so, as well as a full listing of wildlife rehabilitors in your area.
  • Click here if you are experiencing a problem with a wild animal at your home or on your property.  You will find detailed information on how to permanently and humanely resolve common urban wildlfe conflicts.

For Further Information...

If you can't find the answer to your question, please do look through the different pages pertaining to injured, orphaned and nuisance wildlife because much of the information you need is located on those pages.  Thank you.