Orphaned Wildlife:  Skunks

Q: There’s a baby skunk running around by day.  Is the baby orphaned?
A:  It’s possible, yet it is more likely that the skunk has lost sight of the mother.  Watch to see if the baby finds the den or if the mother retrieves him.  You can put a plastic laundry basked upside down over the skunk to temporarily contain him while waiting for the mother to return.  Approach the skunk slowly and talk softly – if the skunk gives a warning by stamping his front feet, then stand still or back off.  You can approach again after the skunk calms down.  As baby skunks get older, they sometimes come out to explore while the mother is away.  Most of the time, however, they don’t appear without her – so if you repeatedly see the baby outside alone, he may be orphaned.  If the skunk appears to be truly orphaned, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator near you.