Containment Strategies:  Mammals

Adult mammals might not understand that you are trying to help them, and may attempt to bite you in self-defense.   Direct, hands-on contact with an adult wild animal is inadvisable.  Instead, place an appropriately sized box on its side, and gently usher the animal in with a broom, window screen, trowel or similar implement.  Return the box to the upright position, place a lid or cover on top (with air holes) and keep the box in a quiet, dark location while making transport arrangements with a rehabilitator. 

Another option is to contain the animal by placing a milk crate, upside-down laundry basket or similar object over the animal to contain him.  Place a heavy object such as a phone book on top of the container to prevent the animal from dragging it off.  This arrangement will prevent the animal from getting away while you locate a wildlife rehabilitator to help you.