Coexisting with Mice and Rats


Q:  How do I rid my apartment of mice or rats?

A:  You can prevent mice and rats from coming into your home by sealing all holes and small openings (rodents can enter buildings through holes no bigger than 1/2 inch in diameter) with caulking, steel wool, or cement.  Use hardware cloth to patch larger holes and to screen all vent openings.  Also, it is crucial to store food in secure containters and to make sure lids fit tightly so that you don't attract rodents.

One common entry point mice use to gain access to the interior rooms of houses is underneath kitchen or bathroom sinks.  There is a hole in wall cut for the pipe underneath the sink that is significantly larger than the diameter of the pipe itself.  This access point can be eliminated by stuffing the opening with steel wool.

If you have mice or rats in your home, you can order catch-and-release traps from the Tomahawk Live Trap Company (1-800-272-8727 or and then release the rodents far away from you home.  You must then follow-up by rodent-proofing your home or the problem will recur.

To catch multiple mice easily, put a 55-gallon garbage can partially under a high surface, such as a kitchen counter, and put cheese pieces, sunflower seeds, peanut butter mounds, and lids of water iside the can .  Thw mice will walk on the counter, jump into the can, but not be able to climb out.