Animal Eating My Garden


Many wild animals, such as woodchucks, rabbits and deer, find it very difficult to pass up the enticing buffet that your garden offers – which can be a very frustrating situation since you probably labored long and hard  to create a wonderful vegetable or flower garden. But fear naught! We have some good solutions for you!


The best way to exclude woodchucks from your garden is by putting up a simple chicken wire or mesh fence (see illustration below). All you need is a roll of 4-foot high chicken wire and some wooden stakes. Once the job is done, it won’t matter how many woodchucks are in the neighborhood because they won’t be getting into your garden!  There are 2 secrets for making a successful fence:

Tip #1: The top portion of the fence only needs to be 2 ½ to 3 feet high but it should be staked so that it’s wobbly -- i.e. the mesh should not be pulled tight between the stakes but rather, there should be some “give” so that when the woodchuck tries to climb the fence, it will wobble which will discourage him. Then he’ll try to dig under the fence, so:

Tip #2: Extend your mesh fence 4 inches straight down into the ground and then bend it and extend the final 8-12 inches outward, away from the garden, in a “L”-shape which creates a false bottom (you can also put this mesh “flap” on top of the ground but be sure to secure it firmly with landscaping staples or the woodchuck will go under it). When the woodchuck digs down and hits this mesh flap, he’ll think he can’t dig any farther and give up. It won’t occur to him to stand back a foot and THEN start digging!

If you aren't willing to put up a fence, you can also try the following scare techniques, which do work in some cases:
  • Line your garden with helium-filled, silver mylar balloons bought at your local party store. Be sure to purchase heavier weights to attach to the bottom of the balloons. The balloons bobbing in the wind will scare the woodchucks
  • Put blood meal fertilizer around the perimeter of your garden, sprinkle, cayenne pepper around the plants and spray your plants with a taste repellent such as Ropel (available at garden stores) or Plant Skydd ( every 2 weeks.


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